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November 3, 2008
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Informer Shadow by OtisBee Informer Shadow by OtisBee

this is the ObjectDock background as it can be seen in my reminiscent desktop screenshot.
nothing special actually, but i was in need for a matching dock appearance to the Informer Widget i had in use at the top of my screen.

if it wasn't ~jazzava who talked me into releasing this i would probably never have done it.

if you want this background to look like in the preview image above then make the following adjustments in the dock config window:
- iconsize = 42px
- transparency = approx. 50%
- colorize (RGB) = 0 / 30 / 40


...put the "Informer Shadow" folder in
then rightclick your dock and navigate to
Properties >> Appearance >> Background >> Informer Shadow.
apply your changes with "ok" and you're done. ;)

the icons seen in the preview image were inspired by Roberto Urso's The Kobhens icons.
in lack of the according font i created my own set of icons while using the font BASIC5.
you can download a huge pack of more than 200 BASIC5 TEXTUAL png icons from here.

the clock icon in the middle of the dock was created by dobber_72 and can be downloaded here.

the drive icon on the far right is part of the 70 Cryo64 Genesis 3 icon set created by Dario Arnaez (aka *DARIMAN)

the running indicators are called Willow Indicators and were created by $endosage.

well, i hope you like my first ever ObjectDock background.
i'm looking forward to your feedback.

...also check out a non-transparent Informer Shadow Mod created by ~tytung
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How can I get the icons to look like yours do? Yours are text, I don't see that on my options.
OtisBee Jan 17, 2012   Interface Designer
well, it's not an option in your dock software.
in fact, those text icons are regular png replacement graphics as you can find them here.
i suppose i don't need to explain how you replace icons in ObjectDock, right? ;)
ooohhhh.... :star: :salute:
OtisBee Nov 16, 2011   Interface Designer
aaahhhh.... :hooray:
Awesome! Stikma is the skin that caught my eye and made me check out your other work, but this one is my favorite!
OtisBee Jul 21, 2010   Interface Designer
oh yes, i really like this one a lot myself.
it's great you like it too.
thanks for your fav, mate. :hug:
very nice job!
OtisBee Jan 4, 2010   Interface Designer
well, thanks again.
much appreciated.
.. and thx as well for the faves. :bow:
Sebien Nov 28, 2009  Student Artist
Super! Thx! :)
OtisBee Nov 29, 2009   Interface Designer
yeah, thanks.
glad you like it. :w00t:
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