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October 18, 2011
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Carried Away by OtisBee Carried Away by OtisBee
this is pretty much the same setup as in my previous screenshot.
only this time i took it a bit farther with the wallpaper.

it all started when i accidentially ran into this screenshot by *Psychopulse

Flower of Sounds

by Pascal Ackermann

that's the name of that lady who got me carried away for the next couple of hours then.
the result is that wallpaper you see above.

i really like how she adds so much depth to my desktop.
the background is a modified version of

Concrete Evidence

by ~ZombiePoppa

and if you ever wonder about what song she might be listening to
then i wouldn't be surprised if it's

Carried Away

by Jamaram

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OtisBee Sep 2, 2012   Interface Designer
why are you doing this?
you're taking my work, then edit it and release it as your own work?
you're even using my words in your deviation.

i don't like what you did there.
it's not polite to take other people's work and then pretend you made it. :no:
you just don't do it.

i'm disappointed.
They will appreciate your work
OtisBee Sep 2, 2012   Interface Designer
well, you said it: my work.
and if it's my work, then why are you releasing it?
that's not ok.
i admire your work.
OtisBee Sep 16, 2012   Interface Designer
well, i appreciate you admiring my work and i thank you for that.

but, i still don't understand why you don't just use that wallpaper only for yourself then.

why do you have to share it with anybody and why don't you mention in any way that you haven't created that wallpaper?

you say you admire my work and yet you don't tell anybody that i have created that wallpaper.

you might admire my work as you say, but you don't respect me or the fact that it's not right to share something you haven't created.

if it would have been my wish to share that wallpaper, then i would have shared it, don't you think? but i didn't want to. my right to do so.

and you, you just decided to disrespect me in that matter and uploaded that wallpaper.

i'm sorry, but this has nothing to do with admiration.
ok sorry How do you want me to do
OtisBee Sep 23, 2012   Interface Designer
please delete that wallpaper.

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we‘re so proud of you.
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